The Gun Truth Project is an agile research team and gun lobby watchdog that develops rapid response analysis and coordinates strategic campaigns with organizations across the progressive continuum. Gun Truth provides a deeper level of research to investigate the gun lobby’s misinformation campaigns, expose policies that endanger public safety, and shine a light on the gun industry’s outsized political influence. The Gun Truth Project team is made up of experienced professionals in the areas of law, communications, investigations and advocacy.


We conduct the initial research on policy and industry to support campaigns. Our extensive analysis uncovers connections between the gun manufacturers, their lobbyists and other stakeholders, fueling compelling campaigns that are hard-hitting, in-depth and unique.


We produce innovative content to highlight our research across a number of mediums, and create a comprehensive communications plan with news releases, graphics and digital material, which drives increased awareness about the issue we are highlighting.


We work with partners to develop a strategy to maximize the impact of our joint efforts and ensure campaign success. We identify additional organizations and opportunities for new initiatives and provide guidance for political actions and management for campaign execution.

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